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The Art of Dry Brushing


The past few days have been surprisingly warm in Los Angeles, so I have been reaching for sandals and skirts over heavy sweaters and long pants.  But as I start to get excited, I find myself wondering if my dry skin is not prepared for its Summer debut.  Enter dry brushing.  It is not a new concept, but I had never considered trying it for myself.

Dry brushing devotees praise its benefits for stimulating the lymphatic system (aka it wakes up your skin and organs that release infection-fighting white blood cells). Not only does it remove toxins, it also increases circulation, improves skin texture, increases muscle tone, reduces cellulite and last but not least is known to reduce stress.

Using a Redecker Body Brush with an easy to use knob, I start in a circular motion at my feet and work upwards towards the heart. Brush for about 3-5 minutes after skin is rosy and slightly tingly. For harder to reach places such as the back, I use a brush with a handle such as this one. Afterwards I hop in the shower or sauna and finish with an all-natural moisturizer such as May Lindstrom’s The Good Stuff or Grown Alchemist Body Cream.   Your skin should feel refreshed and detoxed.

I am looking to build this into my daily routine and can already see my skin looking smoother.  If you want to learn more, check out this video.




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