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Maternity Style with Djuna Bel

Bumby Muse

Finding the right swimsuit to wear when expecting is not always an easy task. We turned to the always chic, LA-based stylist Djuna Bel to show us how its done while on her babymoon in Hawaii. Read the full interview for tips for looking stylish and chic when your pregnant poolside.

xoxo Marysia



Marysia Swim is…



What are your top tips for looking and feeling your greatest when expecting?

Exercise, eat well, lympahtic massage and getting proper time on the beach.


How has your style changed during your pregnancy?

I’ve become the biggest fan of a wrap dress which really wasn’t my thing before. I also haven’t quite figured out how to wear pants while pregnant – but I might have to figure that out soon.



What is your favorite bathing suit to wear with a bump?

The Antibes bikini is the perfect bump suit. I also love the Mexico maillot if i want more coverage (I’ve been wearing it as a top as well!)


What type of swimsuit styles do you recommend for expecting mamas?

I feel like some women hide their bump in a one piece – but I say, show it off! Give that baby some vitamin D.


What is one outfit you can’t wait to wear once you can get out of maternity clothes?

I miss my jeans.


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