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Sarah Shabacon

Bumby Muse

I’ve admired for some time now Sarah Shabacon, founder of headwear brand, IWEARTHEHEADRESS, and vintage boutique, Boheme Goods. Sarah has been a long time supporter and friend of Marysia Swim, and I am always so taken by her beautiful instagram which showcases her adorable style and sweet family.  Sarah lives in Vancouver with her director husband, Ryan, and two boys, Isaac and Ziggy. She manages to juggle two businesses while being a stay at home mom and doing it all with ease.

I love these photos of Sarah with her boys playing on the beach in Cuba. Cutest family.

xo Marysia


Marysia Swim is “lush, easy and timeless.”

How my kids got their names  “Isaac was named after a local artist who just radiated creativity and happiness. I was very into painting while I was pregnant with him and it felt like it was meant to be. Ziggy was already named before he was conceived. People usually ask if we chose it because my husband looks like Bob Marley, maybe it was subliminal but we just adore how absolutely chill the name is. His middle name, Tulum, is because he was conceived in beautiful  Tulum, Mexico.”

Good advice for new moms “Motherhood does not have to revolve around one method or style. Think of it as a big mixing pot of emotions, instinct and logic. Don’t be afraid to use one parenting style and throw in something that you feel is important to you. Your babies are happy if you’re happy so be sure to ask for help when you need it and nourish your body and your mind.”

The start and end to your day “My husband works in film so he’s out of the house before we wake up. I typically wake up to Isaac and Ziggy snuggled up in bed with me or both crying in their rooms. It’s fifty fifty really. I ask Isaac if he had a good sleep and what he dreamt about, then we head downstairs and the boys play while I make our morning smoothies. My day ends around midnight as I don’t have the boys in childcare and I am a full time work from home mom. I made the decision to only work in the evenings once they’re in bed to avoid guilt or stress that comes with the territory. Once I finish or can’t keep my eyes open any longer, I have a long warm shower, turn on the diffuser with a drop of lavender and bergamot, pop in earplugs and it’s a sweet blur from there.”

Best part about living in Canada “The Canadian healthcare system, the overall acceptance of everyone no matter their race, religion or orientation and our PM Justin Trudeau, I mean Google him and you’ll understand.”

A woman that inspires you “Gigi (my grandmother).. she is so fab. She wears the most beautiful kaftans and HEELS every time we visit and has something delicious prepared. I’ve spent hours of my life trying on her ball gowns (she ballroom danced), turbans and the rest of her clothes in her massive mirrored closet. She had nothing growing up, put herself through university and became a teacher, bought and paid off her own condo over looking the Quay within five years and has invested and saved for the past 30 years. She is what #goals looks like to me.”

Favorite way to spend time as a family “We typically pack up and go as soon as the weekend comes, a road trip to nowhere is always fun. We love the spontaneity of driving until we end up somewhere totally foreign to us.”

Cannot live without a “fridge full of fresh fruit and vegetables. And almond milk for the boys.”

Favorite family vacation “Cuba was our first vacation as a family of four so I’m going with it. You feel as though you’ve stepped out of time when you arrive, surrounded by beautiful palms, vintage cars in shades of pink, blue and yellow and so much more. The Cuban people are so kind and hardworking so we are more than happy to visit again.”

My sign is “Scorpio”







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